BEX Asia 2016

We returned to BEX Asia in 2016 with a big bang – a bigger booth at 6m x 4m, and a more extensive display of the innovations and sustainable products and solutions we have been working with.

The booth was designed such that every solution had their individual showcase area – a room to experience the effect of the light reflecting technology, a section of a full-size noise barrier system using FORTEShield to test out the effectiveness of the noise barrier and a window-like glass panel to appreciate the performance of the solar coating.

There were lots of pocket spaces for smaller demonstrations and that of course led to very personalised, fruitful and informative exchanges with our guests and visitors. If you dropped by our booth, do check out the pictures below and see if you find yourselves. Else, browse through anyway to see what you have missed!

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BEX Asia 2015

A very BIG thank-you to all who dropped by our booth last week at BEX ASIA 2015!

We are overwhelmed by your support and patronage! For those who were unable to come, check out the pictures to see what you missed!

DSC 1546
DSC 1552
DSC 1556
DSC 1562
DSC 1563
DSC 1566
DSC 1567
DSC 1568
DSC 1569
IMG 1936
IMG 1938
IMG 1940
IMG 1944
IMG 1946
IMG 1947
IMG 1949
IMG 1953
IMG 1954
IMG 1978
IMG 1981
IMG 1998
IMG 2004
IMG 2007
IMG 8235

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BEX Asia 2014

Hi guys, we sincerely thank those who have come to our booth to support us. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Below are photos taken at the site:

20140901 133606
DSC 0607
IMG 8235
IMG 8245
IMG 8250
IMG 8258

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